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How The Young and Invested Achieved 200% Growth in Organic Traffic


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Blue Tree Digital PR provides high authority, hard-to-land backlinks through its team of professional writers.

Through its many relationships with leading SEOs, Blue Tree has built an excellent relationship with financial affiliates. Founders Dan and Sia had great experience growing these types of sites and backlink profiles. Blue Tree also successfully created similar link profiles with Credit Donkey.

Client Background – Young and The Invested

Young and the Invested (YATI) is a growing online community where people can improve their financial literacy and, by extension, learn how to become smarter about saving, spending, and investing their money.


Before onboarding YATI, they struggled to hit five figures in organic traffic. They had around 20,000 keywords but had less than 200 in the top 3 spots on Google search results pages.

The purpose of Young and Invested was to spread vital information; it was a financial affiliate. The site’s value and purpose was to point its visitors towards the best financial products available.

With low-intent keywords with low traffic, it couldn’t take advantage of the information available on the site.

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During our onboarding process, the task was simple. Create great content to link back to YATI’s helpful, high-intent content. With it being a financial affiliate, it would be difficult for most linking companies to land authoritative links to help improve their key rankings.

Once we received the target pages from the YATI team, Blue Tree set off to land the strongest links possible.

Link Building Strategy

We needed authoritative links. Trust is a crucial element in the financial industry. Customers need to trust a company before considering entrusting it with their money. This also applies to Google. They do not want to display results where they don’t have the utmost confidence in the website they are ranking.

However, building this trust online can be challenging, especially given the impersonal nature of digital interactions and the prevalence of online scams.

Content Quality Requirements

Financial services content is subject to strict quality requirements, as it falls under the “Your Money Or Your Life” (YMYL) category. This encompasses content that could impact a person’s health, safety, happiness, or financial stability. Financial services companies must prioritise high-quality content, as making the wrong decisions based on poor content can have serious consequences. Google recognises this and will hold YMYL pages to a higher standard, ensuring only the best content appears at the top of search engine results pages.

Methods Used for link building campaign

Blue Tree has 15+ experienced writers, and our process is simple. We pitch to the world’s leading publications with relevant and trending topics. Those topics will be relevant to our clients to enable natural link placements from high authority sites.

Once we have pitched the site and it is accepted, our writers find creative ways to mention our clients as sources and land high-quality backlinks.

With our expert writers, we jump to the front of the queue to post high-quality content ready for High DR websites. Having an expert in the field gives the publisher confidence that anything they link to as a source is relevant.

YATI are a relevant source, but having an expert writer choose YATI as a source allows them to target important pages for their rankings.

What does this mean?

We can land high authority backlinks over and over again.


Metrics showing improvements from the campaign

This screenshot gives a snapshot of our results over the last two years. 

Increase in organic traffic:

10k to 200k+ peak

Growth in keyword rankings:

Over 5k in Keyword Rankings

Rise in domain rating:

DR50 to DR74

Client satisfaction:

The founder of YATI – Riley Adams, had this to say in our 5-star clutch review:

“I particularly found impressive their ability to acquire link placements from high-level, editorial websites.”

Key Takeaways

The success of Young and Invested’s link-building campaign provides some valuable lessons for other websites looking to expand their organic reach and traffic.

Firstly, it shows the immense impact links from authoritative, high-quality sites can have on search engine optimization. By securing placements on reputable finance publications, Young and Invested was able to give their domain authority a huge boost in the eyes of Google. This demonstrates that getting links from trusted industry sources should be a priority for any site trying to rank well organically.

Secondly, the campaign highlights the importance of having a consistent and repeatable process for acquiring new backlinks. Because Blue Tree Digital’s writers could find relevant opportunities and pitch great content continually, they could steadily build high-quality links at scale over time. A reliable link outreach and placement system is key to successful link-building strategies.

Additionally, the case study underlines how critical relevancy between the linking content and the target site is for SEO value. The articles and links secured by Blue Tree were on financial topics directly related to Young and Invested’s niche. This contextual alignment signals to Google that the site being linked to is a useful resource on those specific subjects. Sites should strive for topical relevancy by linking content to maximize rankings boosts.

Finally, the focus on prioritizing certain pages and topics core to the client’s goals allowed the campaign to have an outsized impact. By targeting specific Young and Invested pages in high-authority linking content, Blue Tree was able to influence rankings for terms most important to the business. This strategic prioritization enabled the link building to drive especially high ROI through exponential organic traffic growth.

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