Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743
Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743

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We maintain over 450+ editorial relationships with some of the strongest sites. We build link assets, not liabilities.
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Never purchased, always editorial given.


A unique, hands-on approach that helps clients grow in the short and long term

We write content for over 450 publications on a regular basis. Our team of 12+ writers covers everything across all verticals of tech – including SaaS, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and fintech.

Our team looks for natural ways to mention client products and services in the new content we create for sites. To ensure natural placement, the content is always topically relevant and traffic worthy for each campaign.

We identify and pitch topics that resonate with site editors and scale out each campaign from there. Previous articles with client links are referenced in future campaigns, adding a strong secondary level of authority.

We help in-house SEO teams save an average of $6,000 a month with better results.

We provide cheaper mentions for you than you can achieve by running in-house link building campaigns.

By going with a monthly plan from BlueTree, you can run monthly link building campaigns at a significantly lesser cost than by hiring full-time staff.

We maintain editorial relationships with 450+ well-read tech publications

Our in-house team of professional tech writers create ongoing content for these publications and are able to naturally mention client pages and products in the text.

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Blue Tree specializes in working in these industries

Blue Tree specializes in working in these industries

We grow organic traffic & revenue with over 6 years of experience in Digital PR

Build stronger brand awareness, rank higher, and increase monthly organic traffic

Build stronger brand awareness, rank higher, and increase monthly organic traffic

We'll secure long lasting mentions for your business in some of the most visited tech sites online. Your site will rank higher, bring in more customers, and ultimately grow your bottom line.​

After letting us know your target links, our team will get to work in getting your links live and keeping you updated on the campaign's progress. This is a completely hands-off approach for you.

Great links and a sound SEO strategy won't get you far with mediocre content. Our in-house team of SEO writers can produce best-in-class copy and long-form articles for your needs.

Increase organic traffic through a proven process of content marketing & digital PR


Editorial link building done right

Make linkbuilding & SEO
your growth engine

You want the secret sauce to increased growth and we’ve got it! When you partner with us we make sure you:

  • Scale-based discount price-per-link
  • Brand-building PR mentions for your business
  • Customized end-of-month reporting
  • Customized planning and linkbuilding strategy

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