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How Blue Tree Digital Skyrocketed Dooly’s Organic Traffic By 501%


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Dooly, a dynamic player in the tech industry, had established a strong product offering and a loyal customer base. Despite their success, they encountered hurdles in expanding their digital footprint. Recognizing the need for expert intervention, Dooly approached Blue Tree Digital to enhance their online presence and competitive edge.

Upon our initial analysis, we identified three primary challenges hindering Dooly’s digital growth:

  • Organic Competitors: Dooly was grappling with an increasingly crowded digital space. Numerous competitors were not only vying for the same audience but also impacting Dooly’s search engine rankings. The rise of these organic competitors led to a significant drop in Dooly’s visibility on key search engine results pages (SERPs), making it challenging for potential customers to find them online.
  • Difficulty in Gaining Consistent, Quality Mentions: A consistent online presence is crucial for building brand authority and trust. Dooly faced difficulties in securing consistent, high-quality mentions across digital platforms. This inconsistency was affecting their brand’s perceived reliability and, consequently, their results in terms of both audience engagement and conversion rates.
  • Targeting New Competitive Keywords: To break into new market segments and stay ahead of the competition, Dooly aimed to target new, competitive keywords. This required a robust link-building strategy, as acquiring high-quality backlinks is essential for improving search rankings and enhancing the authority of their website for these new keywords.

As Blue Tree Digital, a forward-thinking digital PR agency, we are excited to present a comprehensive case study focusing on our collaboration with Dooly, an innovative tech company facing unique challenges in the digital landscape.

Our Approach

The objective of this digital PR campaign was to increase traffic to Dooly’s guides and review pages through PR features in prominent digital finance publications. We aimed to strengthen Dooly’s online visibility and authority by optimizing content and securing high-quality backlinks, thereby enhancing the website’s authority, search engine rankings, and organic traffic.

Step 1: Topic Development for Pitches 

We developed a comprehensive pitch strategy, focusing on finance, accounting, and business topics, to facilitate organic link placements for Dooly. This involved crafting pitches around a variety of specific subjects.

Step 2: Targeted Outreach 

We compiled a list of over 367 relevant financial websites, each meeting our criteria of a minimum Domain Rating (DR) of 70 and over 10k organic monthly visitors. Our outreach efforts involved personalized pitches to these sites, ensuring relevance and natural integration of Dooly’s target links. We executed eleven distinct outreach campaigns, sending over 850 pitches, resulting in over 27% response rate and a 77%+ acceptance rate.

Step 3: Content Production 

Our team of over ten skilled content editors and writers crafted well-researched financial articles. Each piece incorporated a link to Dooly’s statistical pages or review guides, citing relevant data for enhanced reader engagement.

Step 4: Continuous Monitoring 

Post-publication, we diligently tracked the campaign’s impact, particularly on Dooly’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings, and kept Dooly informed on the progress. This phase revealed a significant boost in their SERP positions.

Using the newly optimized content as leverage, we initiated an intensive outreach program, landing premium backlinks from high-domain rating websites:

  • Hubspot (DR93)
  • Prestashop (DR92)
  • Entrepreneur (DR91)
  • Teachable (DR91).


The transformative results of the digital PR strategy employed for Dooly’s online presence were outstanding:

  • In 6 months, Dooly experienced a 501% increase in organic traffic. This growth was a direct result of the strategic combination of content optimization and effective backlink acquisition.
  • Dooly achieved significant improvements in search engine rankings, with more than 50 keywords securing the top position on Google.
  • The successful acquisition of high Domain Rating (DR) backlinks greatly elevated Dooly’s domain authority. This enhancement contributed to further improvements in their search engine rankings.

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

We are staunch believers in the effectiveness of digital PR. Leveraging our strong network of over 545 editorial connections, we secure organic, premium backlink placements. We stand firmly against purchasing or indiscriminately adding links, upholding stringent quality criteria:

  • We ensure all links are “Do-Follow” to maximize SEO benefits.
  • Our chosen websites consistently attract over 5,000 visitors monthly.
  • Each link we place is contextually appropriate, integrating flawlessly
  • with the content.

Our services start at $450 for each carefully selected link, with scalable packages to suit diverse needs and discounts for bulk orders of 7-8 links monthly.

The success we achieved for Dooly in our recent case study exemplifies our capacity to elevate your business in competitive environments. In just a few months, we significantly enhanced Dooly’s online presence, catapulting their search engine rankings and increasing their organic traffic by a remarkable 501%.

Don’t leave the success of your SEO to chance. Contact Blue Tree today to develop an effective link-building strategy for your business.

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