Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743
Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743

How Freshbooks Increased Organic Traffic by 257% with Blue Tree’s Digital PR Strategy

With the rapid growth of consumer fintech applications in recent years, businesses are turning to digital marketing to find and attract new customers.  Like many other companies in the invoicing and accounting software industry, Freshbooks was struggling with problems that affected companies of all sizes. Three overriding concerns frequently showed up as they developed their […]

Tokenist Case Study – 78% Increase In The Financial Affiliate Niche, well-regarded in the investing and personal finance sectors, faced a tough grind in boosting its visibility and moving up the ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). Given the competitive nature of their industry, getting a good ranking for their desired keywords was no small feat. They often bumped into a frustrating pattern: just […]

How Blue Tree Digital Skyrocketed Dooly’s Organic Traffic By 501%

Dooly, a dynamic player in the tech industry, had established a strong product offering and a loyal customer base. Despite their success, they encountered hurdles in expanding their digital footprint. Recognizing the need for expert intervention, Dooly approached Blue Tree Digital to enhance their online presence and competitive edge. Upon our initial analysis, we identified […]

How PolicyMe Increased Their Organic Traffic by 177% with Blue Tree Digital

PolicyMe, an innovative player in the insurance industry, discovered the challenges that accompany maintaining a robust online presence. Faced with competition among Canadian insurance providers and the need for consistent mentions in reputable sources, PolicyMe sought to establish a more formidable digital footprint. They faced a pervasive issue that plagues many businesses operating in competitive […]

How Gained More than 20,000 Monthly Visitors with Blue Tree Digital

Despite offering comprehensive home and car insurance solutions to a diverse clientele, found themselves facing challenges that hindered their digital growth. In their quest for online supremacy, they turned to digital PR to navigate the complexities and propel their brand to new heights.’s organic search rankings were under siege, with numerous competitors infringing […]

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