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How Freshbooks Increased Organic Traffic by 257% with Blue Tree’s Digital PR Strategy


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With the rapid growth of consumer fintech applications in recent years, businesses are turning to digital marketing to find and attract new customers. 

Like many other companies in the invoicing and accounting software industry, Freshbooks was struggling with problems that affected companies of all sizes. Three overriding concerns frequently showed up as they developed their digital marketing strategy, leading them to seek the assistance of experienced digital PR firm Blue Tree Digital.

Freshbooks was facing a continuous battle with organic competitors fighting for the same digital space. It turned out that their market segment was one where rivals were always trying to go higher in the rankings – Freshbooks was always up against the clock to maintain its Google rankings.

With a regular influx of new startups and well-funded competitors, Freshbooks also had trouble obtaining regular, quality mentions. Freshbooks’s efforts to develop and strengthen its digital footprint were impeded by the lack of consistent authoritative references as visibility depended on the strength of online mentions and backlinks. 

Freshbooks realized that increasing their user base, finding new possibilities, and eventually boosting income all depended on having a stream of quality visitors.

Freshbooks recognized they needed a seasoned partner to help them manage the intricacies of the digital world and turned to Blue Tree Digital in response to these concerns. Blue Tree Digital was given the chance to demonstrate their mastery of digital PR by using a tailored strategy to draw in prospective clients and increase Freshbooks traffic.

Our Approach

To redefine Freshbooks’ online presence, enhance visibility, and drive growth in website traffic and referring domains, we focused on four key steps in our digital PR strategy.

Step 1: Building an Extensive Site List

The foundation of our strategy lies in creating an extensive site list. Recognizing the challenges Freshbooks faced, we set out to identify and prioritize websites with high DR and traffic.
Our goal was to establish a network of websites with a DR of 70 or higher.

We also leveraged our network of over 500 editorial contacts to pinpoint websites aligning with our criteria. This process allowed us to create a site list fit for an impactful link-building strategy.

Step 2: Pitch Campaign Execution

Our outreach team came up with a tailored strategy that emphasized the unique value Freshbooks brought to the industry.

The outreach included a cold pitch to each identified site, proposing article topics. This involved transparent communication, emphasizing the genuine benefits and relevance of Freshbooks and our collaborative approach.  

Step 3: Content and Editing Coordination

We collaborated closely with both Freshbooks and the selected websites to ensure that each link was organically placed in the content.

Our team of 10+ writers and editors prioritized “Do-Follow” backlinks to maximize SEO benefits, strategically inserting them into websites boasting 20K+ organic monthly visitors and an average DR of 70+. 

The result was a blend of content and links that both enhanced Freshbooks’ online visibility and contributed to quality backlink acquisition.

Step 4: Analyze, Improve, Repeat

Throughout our collaborative process, we tested 8 different campaigns to settle on the best strategy for Freshbooks. By doing so, we could work on continuous improvement, refining our approach, and adapting to the changes in the market for the best possible outcome. 


Throughout the process, Blue Tree’s digital PR efforts brought great results, showcasing growth in both website traffic and the number of referring domains (RD). The following key metrics highlight the outcomes of our strategic approach:

Traffic Increase:

  • January 2020: 407,712 visitors
  • December 2022: 1,049,615 visitors
  • Increase: 257%

Freshbooks’ website’s traffic increase by 257% shows how Blue Tree Digital can increase online visibility and attract a significantly larger audience.

Increase in the Number of Referring Domains:

  • January 2020: 16,860 referring domains
  • December 2022: 33,923 referring domains
  • RD Increase: 201%

The number of referring domains doubled throughout our Digital PR campaigns. This increase shows our success in securing high-quality backlinks and building a network of connections within the area of invoicing and finance.

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

The collaboration between Blue Tree Digital and Freshbooks demonstrates how difficulties with SEO can be handled with a successful digital PR strategy, even in very competitive markets. With a vast network of more than 500 editorial contacts to obtain real, high-quality backlinks, we are certain that we can give our clients long-term, measurable outcomes. 

We take great pride in the high standards of excellence we apply to our digital PR campaigns, which include: 

  • Avoiding buying links or the overuse of links.
  • Obtaining “Do-Follow” backlinks to maximize SEO benefits.
  • Strategic link insertion on websites with 20K+ organic monthly visitors and an average of DR70+
  • Incorporating each link into the material seamlessly to ensure an organic fit. 

Our prices begin at $1000 for each thoroughly considered and selected link. We provide flexible options to meet different needs, and we offer special prices for monthly bulk orders of five to ten links. 

Our notable achievement d for Freshbooks, demonstrated by a traffic increase of 257% in monthly visitors, demonstrates our capacity to elevate your position in any industry. 

To create a customized and successful link-building plan that will boost your company, contact Blue Tree Digital today for a long-lasting effect on your SEO strategy. 

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