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How PolicyMe Increased Their Organic Traffic by 177% with Blue Tree Digital


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PolicyMe, an innovative player in the insurance industry, discovered the challenges that accompany maintaining a robust online presence. Faced with competition among Canadian insurance providers and the need for consistent mentions in reputable sources, PolicyMe sought to establish a more formidable digital footprint.

They faced a pervasive issue that plagues many businesses operating in competitive sectors – the digital space was crowded with contenders vying for the top spots in search engine results, making it a struggle for PolicyMe to maintain its desired rankings. 

As the insurance sector became more dynamic, PolicyMe recognized the importance of staying ahead by targeting new and competitive keywords. However, the pursuit of these keywords was hindered by the necessity for authoritative backlinks to support their SEO efforts.

PolicyMe’s challenge was twofold – identifying the right keywords to target and establishing a robust network of links to fortify their position in search engine rankings. The company recognized that a strategic and targeted approach to link-building was imperative for unlocking the full potential of its digital presence.

In the face of these challenges, PolicyMe entrusted Blue Tree Digital with the task of devising a comprehensive digital PR strategy. Our collaboration addressed these issues with a step-by-step approach, providing PolicyMe with a tailored solution that propelled them toward their digital objectives.

PolicyMe Digital PR Campaign

Our Approach

The main goal for PolicyMe’s campaign was to attain actual measurable results in increased traffic and search engine rankings. At Blue Tree, we embrace each client’s unique challenges, tailoring our approach to fit their specific needs. 

Step 1: Strategic Pitch Planning

Our journey with PolicyMe began by meticulously crafting a comprehensive pitch plan. Recognizing the nuances of the insurance industry, we developed a strategy that encompassed a range of highly specific topics focused on finance, accounting, and business.

This ensured that our outreach efforts were not only relevant but also resonated with the target audience. The strategic pitch plan laid the foundation for a campaign that would captivate the interest of both the audience and potential publishing platforms.

Step 2: Targeted Site Selection

Understanding the importance of precision in outreach, we started the process of targeted site selection. Building a curated list of approximately 550 sites, our team ensured that each platform was directly relevant to PolicyMe’s industry – insurance. 

In line with our commitment to high-quality links, these websites boasted a minimum Domain Rating (DR) of 70+ and attracted at least 8k organic monthly visitors.

The outreach process involved reaching out to these sites with carefully chosen topics that were relevant to the site’s audience and conducive to the organic inclusion of PolicyMe’s target links.

We conducted and analyzed seven distinct outreach campaigns, each employing a different pitching style and focusing on slightly varied topics.

This outreach resulted in over 634 pitches being sent, yielding a response rate exceeding 31% and a pitch acceptance rate of over 77%.

Step 3: Content, Engagement and Coordination

Collaboration is at the core of our strategy. We engaged closely with 11 in-house content editors on the selected platforms, ensuring seamless integration of PolicyMe’s content. Each article was strategically written to include a link to PolicyMe’s review guides or statistical pages.

To ensure the natural inclusion of these links, we often incorporated relevant statistics and data from PolicyMe, providing added context for readers. This proactive coordination not only facilitated the smooth publication of materials but also resulted in a significant number of positive replies. 

Step 4: Iterative Improvement

Based on insights gained from the initial phases of the digital PR campaign, we refined our strategy. This continuous improvement cycle allowed us to adapt to changing trends, evolving algorithms, and audience behaviors.

Over the following months, we repeated the process, ensuring that PolicyMe’s digital presence not only sustained but also amplified the achieved results.


PolicyMe Digital PR link building campaign

To deem our link-building campaign effective, we managed to increase the organic traffic by an astounding 177% (9,511 in November 2020 – 16,877 in June 2022) and we ended up securing high-value DR87+ backlinks from several esteemed websites, including:

  • Namecheap (Domain Rating 92)
  • Entrepreneur (Domain Rating 91)
  • Teachable (Domain Rating 91)
  • Mentalfloss (Domain Rating 87)

The substantial increase in authoritative backlinks significantly influenced the search engine performance as:

  • 18 targeted keywords ascended to the number 1 position in Google’s search results.
  • 14 additional targeted keywords achieved the number 2 spot in Google’s search rankings.

The improvements in search rankings resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic to the targeted pages of, significantly boosting the company’s online presence and brand awareness. Additionally, received recognition on several influential platforms:

  • ATT Cybersecurity (
  • GlobalSign (
  • Mentalfloss (
  • The Penny Hoarder (
  • Powr Blog (
  • QuickBase Blog (
  • Smarter Travel (
  • Entrepreneur  (

The variety of placements in various respected domains emphasizes the extensive and influential reach of our campaign, affirming’s leadership in its industry.

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

The experience with PolicyMe illustrates the success of Blue Tree’s strategy in overcoming SEO challenges.

We have confidence in the impact of digital PR, leveraging our extensive network of over 450 editorial connections to secure organic and high-quality backlink placements. It’s important to note that we strictly follow stringent quality standards, refraining from the purchase or overuse of links.

  • We ensure all backlinks are “Do-Follow” to maximize SEO benefits.
  • Strategic placement.
  • Each chosen site attracts a minimum of 8k visitors monthly.
  • All links are contextually integrated, ensuring a natural fit within the content.

Our services start at $1000 for each thoroughly vetted link, with scalable options to suit various needs and discounted rates for bulk orders of 5-10 links monthly.

The success we achieved for PolicyMe, particularly by increasing their traffic by 177%, is a testament to our capacity to elevate your business, even in the most competitive sectors.

Don’t throw away your SEO success – get in touch with BlueTree today to develop a winning link-building strategy tailored to your business.

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