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Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743

Tokenist Case Study – 78% Increase In The Financial Affiliate Niche


Share on, well-regarded in the investing and personal finance sectors, faced a tough grind in boosting its visibility and moving up the ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). Given the competitive nature of their industry, getting a good ranking for their desired keywords was no small feat.

They often bumped into a frustrating pattern: just when they’d climb up in rankings, a single Google algorithm update would swoop in and undo all their hard work. Their high-value affiliate pages, once stars of the show, began to slip down the charts. To add to the challenge, the big finance sites started eyeing the same long-tail keywords that smaller sites like typically targeted.

Understanding the importance of SEO visibility in staying ahead of the competition and reaching their target audience, The Tokenist realized that links from high Domain Authority (DA) sites were essential for steady growth.

So, they teamed up with BlueTree for a tailored, methodical approach to digital PR. After some thorough planning and understanding the needs of, we crafted a campaign that hit the mark, achieving the goals they had set out to reach.

Our Approach

The goal of our campaign was to enhance Tokenist’s online visibility and search engine rankings by securing high-quality backlinks from high DA sites in the industry.

Here are the steps we took to achieve this:

Step 1 –  Topic Breakdown

We started by building a pitch plan that included a range of very specific topics on finance and investments. Some of the topics we used include:

  1. Mastering Portfolio Management Strategies for Success
  2. Alternative Investments: From Hedge Funds to Private Equity
  3. Unlocking the Potential of Real Estate Investment Strategies
  4. Understanding Bonds and the World of Fixed Income Investments
  5. Behavioral Biases in Investment Decisions
  6. Cryptocurrency Tax Implications in the European Union
  7. Impact of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on Traditional Banking
  8. Cracking the Code of Technical Analysis and Chart Patterns

Step 2 – Research & Analysis

After pitching the topics, we went on to identify and compile a list of over 2,000 websites in the finance field that we believed were relevant. We only focused on websites with a high DA and notable organic traffic. 

We then analyzed the websites to identify any possible content gaps and matched them with the most relevant topic from our list. 

Then, our outreach team then got to work. They strategically reached out to each site with a tailored pitch, proposing to provide valuable content. The pitch campaign took a little over three months, with the team sending a couple of tailored pitches every day. 

For maximum results, we conducted tests with ten different campaigns, each based on ten distinct cold pitches. We carefully assessed the performance of these pitches, specifically focusing on the reply rates from site editors. 

We achieved an impressive 15% response rate from the 2,000+ pitches we sent out. In most of these cases, the site editors approved the topics we pitched and gave the go-ahead to write the article. Sometimes, however, sites only allowed us to work on their ready-made topics and outlines. 

Step 3 – Creating High-quality Content 

Once we got the green light on the topics, our editorial team sprang into action. 

They conducted thorough research, created briefs, and crafted content that was both interesting and informative. 

They ensured all the links to were seamlessly included in the content, adding value to the readers and increasing the likelihood of it getting published. 

Step 4 – Monitoring & Reporting

Our job didn’t end with securing the placements. 

We believe in the power of data. Thus, we continuously monitored the performance of each backlink we secured, allowing us to track how our digital PR campaign was performing in real time and what effects it had on The Tokenist’s ranking in SERPs. 

Likewise, we regularly compiled this data and reported back to the client, ensuring they were always in the loop and could see the tangible results of our efforts.


The results we achieved were remarkable. 

Within a year, we had gotten XXX+ articles published and secured 60+ high-quality placements in major financial publications, which included:

  • NY Times (DA 95)
  • VentureBeat (DR 92)
  • CrunchBase (DA 91)
  • CoinMarketCap (DA 90)
  • Binance (DR 89)
  • TheBalance (DA 71)

The sheer scale and quality of these placements underscore the success and impact of the campaign. 

The returns weren’t instant, but we were not worried. From our past campaigns, we knew that as the published articles gained momentum in the SERPs, the value of the links would increase significantly and create a snowball effect for The Tokenist. 

True to our word, the results started coming in soon after:

  1. Improved search engine rankings. experienced significant improvements in visibility, with XX keywords reaching the first page on Google.
  2. Improved domain authority. Obtaining high Domain Rating (DR) backlinks really helped boost its domain authority. This, in turn, led to a snowball effect, further boosting their ranking in SERPs.
  3. Increase in organic traffic. In just X months,’s organic traffic increased by XX%, thanks to the consistent acquisition of high-quality backlinks.

Our efforts further prove that Google still considers links to authority sources one of the most important factors in ranking websites and that businesses shouldn’t disregard link building if they wish to be visible. 

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

We believe in the power of digital PR, as we use our 450+ editorial relationships to achieve organic, high-quality backlink placements. In addition to never purchasing or “stuffing” links, we adhere to the following stringent quality standards:

  • All links are “Do-Follow,” facilitating better SEO impact.
  • Placements 
  • Our selected sites all have a traffic of 5,000+ visitors per month
  • Every link is contextually relevant, making it blend with the content seamlessly

Starting at $1,000 per vetted link, we offer scalable packages designed to fit a variety of needs, with bulk order discounts for 5-10 links per month. The results achieved for in this case study showcase our ability to propel your business to new heights—even in highly competitive markets. 

Within a matter of months, we elevated’s online authority, shot up their search rankings, and boosted their organic traffic by an impressive XXX%.

Don’t leave your SEO success to chance—reach out to BlueTree today to craft your own winning link-building strategy. 

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