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How Blue Tree’s Digital PR Campaign Helped a YC-Backed Tech Startup Increase Organic Traffic by 336%


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A YC-backed tech startup offering SaaS solutions to businesses, like many in their respective industry, had an issue with organic competitors fighting for the same spot in search engine rankings. 

As part of their growth strategy, the company wanted to target new and competitive keywords within their industry. However, more than merely identifying these keywords was required – the challenge was mainly in acquiring relevant and high-quality backlinks for each of these keywords to kickstart their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Through a tailored digital PR campaign, Blue Tree Digital sought to improve their position compared to organic competitors and get a consistent and positive online narrative for the startup. 

Moreover, our team strategically curated a link-building initiative that targeted new competitive keywords, thereby fortifying our client’s online presence and ensuring sustained growth in the SaaS industry.

Our Approach

By examining our client’s unique requirements and refining the campaign throughout the process, our strategy included these carefully considered steps.

Step 1: Creating an Extensive Site List

We generated a comprehensive list of relevant websites for outreach, incorporating those with which we had existing relationships.

  • All sites had an average DR rating of 70.
  • A minimum of 20k traffic.

The compiled list comprised over 600 sites, forming the foundation of our outreach.

Step 2: Outreach Initiatives

Each site on the list received a targeted cold pitch where we proposed to create an article for their website. 

Site editors granted us the flexibility to suggest topics or contribute to ideation, allowing our pitching team to brainstorm and propose tailored ideas for each site.

Step 3: Content Creation

As our proposed topics were formally approved, our team of adept writers started working on high-quality content, submitting the pieces to the respective sites.

Careful consideration was given to ensuring seamless integration with the tech startup by:

  • Verifying the relevance of SaaS and business solutions to the chosen topic.
  • Establishing contextual cohesion in the placement.

Our proficient writers strategically targeted specific keywords, guaranteeing the articles’ effectiveness.

Step 4: Ensuring Relevance and Continuous Improvement

To optimize our client’s links within each article, we employed a straightforward yet highly efficacious strategy:

  • The outreach team proposed topics directly aligned with the subject matter before presenting them to website editors.
  • Content creators crafted narratives around the link, ensuring organic integration to prevent any appearance of unaligned insertion.
  • Anchor text utilization involved precise data points or direct quotations from the pages, seamlessly blending with the content.
  • Rigorous monitoring was conducted using a Link Tracker Sheet, and comprehensive monthly reports highlighting campaign successes.

Following this outlined strategy, we successfully pitched to over 600 websites. 

Throughout the campaign, we conducted tests on 8 different campaigns corresponding to 8 distinct cold pitches, ultimately identifying the pitches that yielded the highest reply rates from site editors.


Throughout the digital PR campaign conducted by Blue Tree Digital for this YC-backed tech startup, spanning from October 2020 to July 2022, the achieved outcomes have been substantial and demonstrative of a marked improvement in the client’s digital presence.

At the beginning of the campaign, the client had 1,298 referring domains and a traffic of 10,370

By the end of the campaign, the number of referring domains increased to 2,195. This increase in referring domains underscores the successful efforts in going against the challenge posed by organic competitors.

Simultaneously, their website traffic witnessed growth as well – 34,843 monthly visitors. This 336% increase in traffic showcases the enhanced online visibility achieved through our digital PR campaign. 

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

Blue Tree’s tailored approach for this YC-Backed Tech startup showcases how our team tackles SEO challenges. We are confident in the efficacy of our digital PR campaigns, leveraging our extensive network of editorial connections to secure genuine and high-quality backlinks.

  • Our stringent quality standards dictate that we abstain from buying or excessively using links. 
  • We ensure that all our links are “Do-Follow” to maximize SEO benefits. 
  • These links are strategically placed on websites with an average Domain Rating (DR) of 70 or higher and boast 20,000 organic monthly visitors. 
  • The integration of these links into content is seamless, ensuring a natural fit.

Starting at $1000 per carefully selected link, our services offer flexible options to cater to diverse needs, and we extend discounted rates for bulk orders ranging from 5 to 10 links monthly. 

The 336% increase in our client’s traffic during this period underscores Blue Tree’s role in enhancing the online visibility and reach of our clients.

For sustained SEO success, reach out to Blue Tree Digital today. Let us craft a personalized and effective digital PR strategy tailored to elevate your business’s online presence.

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