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How Admiral Markets Increased Their Traffic by 100,000 in 8 Months with Blue Tree’s Link-Building Strategy


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Standing out in the online forex trading and financial services industry is challenging as is, and increasingly more so as the world becomes more financialized. 

Getting an edge on the competition requires both a robust digital marketing strategy and specifically one that relies on consumer-facing channels – like SEO – to capture new generations of retail traders and investors. 

Admiral Markets, a prominent platform in the forex industry, recognized the need to capitalize on these trends and reached out to Blue Tree Digital for help.

One of the primary obstacles Admiral Markets faced was gaining an edge over its organic competitors vying for the same keywords. The financial sector is inherently competitive, and the sheer number of websites and businesses vying for top Google rankings posed a significant threat to Admiral Markets’ visibility. 

In an environment where every click matters, losing ground in search engine rankings can translate to missed opportunities and lost revenue. 

Winning requires a proactive approach to keyword targeting as well. Admiral Markets identified the need to expand its reach by targeting new and competitive keywords relevant to its products and services. To succeed, they needed authoritative, highly relevant links to key pages on

Blue Tree Digital built a customized link-building strategy to address this need head-on, transforming Admiral Markets’ digital presence and catapulting its organic growth.

Our Approach

Link building today requires a long-term outlook, one that lays strong foundations on which results compound over time. One strategy doesn’t fit all, so Blue Tree Digital built a custom campaign for Admiral Markets as follows:

Step 1: Building a List of Eligible Websites

Blue Tree Digital started the link-building campaign with an approach to identify and curate a list of eligible websites not just in the forex industry, but in creatively-adjacent verticals as well. The challenge was to identify that not only had authority but also aligned with Admiral Markets’ brand. 

All of the chosen websites needed to fit strict criteria:

  • An average DR70+
  • Monthly traffic of 20K organic visitors
  • Relevant content

Our research team evaluated the credibility of potential collaborators, ensuring they were well-positioned to elevate Admiral Markets’ visibility in competitive online trading and forex markets.

Step 2: Strategic Pitching for Maximum Impact

With a list of 500+ eligible websites, Blue Tree Digital deployed a tailored outreach strategy, engaging with potential collaborators to secure high-impact mentions and backlinks. 

Our team leveraged its copywriting and outreach expertise to write compelling, creative pitches that resonated with the target websites and editors, emphasizing the unique value propositions of Admiral Markets and our team of expert writers.

This personalized approach was crucial in fostering positive relationships and securing valuable placements.

Step 3: Optimized Content for Increased Visibility

As “content is king”, we needed to create high-quality content that not only showcased Admiral Markets’ expertise but also seamlessly integrated targeted keywords. Our team tailored each piece to align with the brand’s objectives and the respected website where the article was featured. 

Our team of 10+ editorial writers crafted articles that seamlessly integrated organic keywords for a natural link placement

Step 4: Ensuring Relevancy and Continuous Improvement

Blue Tree Digital didn’t merely secure placements and rest – instead, we implemented a system to continually monitor and enhance the relevance of Admiral Markets’ digital footprint. 

This involved regular audits, performance assessments, and a commitment to staying on top of industry trends. 

Our team tried and tested 10 different campaigns throughout the collaboration to decide on the best one. This meant reviewing and revising our strategy as needed to maximize our link-building impact and the outcome of the entire campaign. 


Admiral Markets digital PR campaign success by Blue Tree Digital

Over the course of 8 months, our team worked hard to maximize the results of the campaign and opt for the strategy that went best with Admiral Market’s specific requirements. 

From January 2019 to September 2019, their traffic grew from 66,024 to 165,685 organic monthly visitors, highlighting an increase of almost 100,000 new monthly visitors

Such a significant increase in organic traffic is a crucial metric, representing not only heightened visibility but also a surge in potential leads, conversions, and, ultimately, revenue.

The growth in organic traffic reflects the successful execution of 3 key elements: targeted link-building, strategic pitching, and optimized content creation. 

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

The collaboration’s success over the eight-month period serves as a compelling case study, showcasing the potential for strategic digital initiatives to reshape a brand’s online presence and drive substantial, measurable growth.

We have confidence in the impact of digital PR, leveraging our extensive network of over 450 editorial connections to secure organic and high-quality backlink placements. It’s important to note that we strictly follow stringent quality standards, refraining from the purchase or overuse of links.

  • We ensure all backlinks are “Do-Follow” to maximize SEO benefits.
  • Strategic placement.
  • Each chosen site attracts a minimum of 20k visitors monthly.
  • All links are contextually integrated, ensuring a natural fit within the content.
  • Each chosen site has an average DR70+.

With services starting at $1000 for each carefully integrated link, we have scalable options to suit various needs, as well as discounted rates for bulk orders of 5-10 links monthly.

The success we achieved for Admiral Markets, particularly by increasing their traffic by almost 100K visitors, showcases how we can elevate your business, even in competitive sectors such as trading.

Secure your SEO success – contact BlueTree now and develop a tailored link-building strategy that will propel your business forward.

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