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Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743

How Brainstation’s Organic Traffic Grew by 1203% in 16 Months from Blue Tree’s Digital PR Services


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Companies operating in niche sectors, where the rules of online visibility are constantly shifting, are grappling with challenges that demand innovative solutions. Brainstation, an EdTech company offering industry-leading tech bootcamps, sought strategic guidance to overcome three pressing challenges: a niche that posed difficulties for SEO, an ongoing battle to increase traffic, and a scarcity of high-quality backlinks.

The very uniqueness of their tech education niche presented a challenge for traditional SEO strategies – the intricacies of technology education made it harder for search engines to decipher and index content effectively, leading to a struggle for prominent search engine rankings. 

Brainstation also faced low traffic, intensifying the struggle to maintain and enhance its position. The mission: to fortify their online presence, outshine competitors, and establish themselves as the go-to authority in their niche.

And, like many businesses, Brainstation was struggling to secure consistent, high-quality backlinks and avoid the pitfalls of low-quality link-building practices. The absence of a robust link-building strategy, compounded by the presence of link sellers peddling low-quality links from private blog networks (PBNS) and link farms, created a roadblock to’s SEO success. 

Blue Tree Digital was hired to develop a niche-specific digital PR campaign to increase traffic and gain authoritative, relevant, and high-quality backlinks to elevate Brainstation’s digital presence.

Our Approach

The primary objective of the campaign was to increase website traffic and raise awareness about their training programs by securing digital PR coverage on widely-read and influential tech websites. 

The focus of the campaign was the promotion of BrainStation’s Digital Skills Survey page. This particular webpage presented the findings of an extensive survey conducted by BrainStation, involving numerous professionals and business leaders within digital industries. 

The survey aimed to pinpoint the most sought-after digital skills and trends, forming the core content for the campaign.

Step 1: Developing a Niche-Specific Strategy

Based on Brainstation’s goals and industry, we compiled a list of relevant tech sites to reach out to, as well as the tech sites we already had a working relationship with.

All of the websites needed to adhere to strict requirements: 

  • Average DR 70+
  • A minimum of 20K monthly visitors
  • Relevant content and quality backlinks

Step 2: Pitching

We formed an outreach strategy to contact each of these websites through a structured and professional approach, presenting a formal and introductory pitch. Here, we extended an offer to contribute articles to their platforms.

The editors of these sites were receptive to our proposal, allowing us the flexibility to either suggest specific topics or collaborate on generating ideas. Our dedicated pitching team then engaged in brainstorming sessions, proactively offering 2 to 3 compelling topic ideas for each individual site. 

This collaborative process ensured that our content proposals aligned with the preferences of each target platform, fostering a more tailored and effective outreach strategy.

Step 3: Content Creation

After getting a topic formally approved, our team of 15+ B2B writers, who regularly write for 350+ publications, got to work writing and submitting the pieces to each site. 

Our writers and editors ensured that there was a natural placement on the Brainstation Digital Survey Skills page in the content of each piece – they targeted the same keywords and ensured the fulfillment of the articles.

Step 4: Analyze and Improve

With continuous analysis and improvement over the course of 16 months, Blue Tree ended up pitching over 1,000 publications

To accomplish this, we tested fifteen different campaigns that revolved around fifteen different cold pitches, before settling on the pitches that were performing the best based on reply rates from site editors.


Brainstation Digital PR Success with Blue Tree Digital

Running from August 2020 to December 2021, the campaign yielded remarkable results, catapulting their monthly website traffic to new heights. 

During this period, we witnessed an astounding surge of 1203%, propelling their monthly visitors from a baseline of 11,812 to an impressive 142,100

This substantial increase underscored the campaign’s effectiveness in not only attracting attention but also substantially expanding audience engagement with their online content. 

During this time, the number of referring domains also increased from 915 to 7648.

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

The strategy that Blue Tree developed specifically for Brainstation illustrates how our team can effectively address SEO challenges, even in highly specialized niches. We are confident in the effectiveness of our digital PR strategies, utilizing our extensive network of 500+ editorial connections to secure authentic and high-quality backlinks

Our strict quality standards entail refraining from purchasing or excessively using links.

We ensure that all of our links are: 

  • Do-Follow” to optimize SEO benefits.
  • Strategically placed on sites with an average of DR70+ and 20,000 organic monthly visitors
  • Seamlessly integrated into the content for a natural fit. 

Our services begin at $1000 per carefully selected link, with flexible options to meet diverse needs and discounted rates for bulk orders of 5-10 links monthly.

The significant growth in Brainstation’s traffic of 1203% during this timeframe is a testament to Blue Tree’s impact on enhancing the online visibility and reach of the client.

To achieve similar SEO results long-term, contact Blue Tree Digital today to create a personalized and successful digital PR strategy for your business.

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