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Digital PR Link Building: The Complete Guide


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Unlike traditional public relations campaigns, high-quality digital PR link building can use innovative tactics to help secure strong link placements in high-ranking publications that will expand the scope of your brand’s marketing reach. 

Using long-term planning and clever strategizing tools and techniques, digital PR can give your brand a necessary boost, prove that your values and goals are credible and trustworthy, and drive traffic to your site. 

Furthermore, a robust digital PR campaign will provide all of these benefits at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional public relations team or agency. 

In this guide, we’ll explore what digital PR link building is, how it works, and what kinds of benefits digital PR link building can provide to your brand. We’ll also take a look at key metrics to consider when developing a digital PR strategy. 

We’ll then share our own in-house five-step digital PR strategy, revealing the effective techniques and strong results of Blue Tree’s approach to digital PR link building.

PRO TIP: Using long-term planning and clever strategizing tools and techniques, digital PR can give your brand a necessary boost, prove that your values and goals are credible and trustworthy, and drive traffic to your site.

What Blue Tree Provides

Blue Tree brings its expertise and signature quality approach to provide sophisticated digital PR services for your brand. 

Blue Tree has an in-house team of expert content creators to craft unique, linkable content that will reach your target audience. We offer top-tier backlinks at competitive prices

We strive to provide the highest possible value for our clients, selecting only credible digital publications that provide quality additions to our clients’ digital PR strategy. 

Blue Tree’s Digital PR Link-Building Services

Our digital PR services provide enticing, attractive, informative, and entertaining articles that will help enhance your brand’s online reputation.

Our content helps provide viral backlinks that will grow your brand’s digital audience and keep followers returning to catch the latest updates about their favorite new brand: yours.

  • Affordable Services We offer high-quality backlinks at competitive prices.
  • High Editorial Standards We vet every business site and tech publication to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality link placements. We never place client links on “guest farm” sites, which only exist to sell backlinks and guest posts. 
  • Natural Link Inclusion Every link we place is editorially-received. This means that each link is included within the content of a new article crafted specifically for a credible web page. Penned by our in-house content experts, the links fit in naturally. 
  • Trustworthy Link Placement We strive to ensure that our process remains hands-off. Our links are never brokered, and you can rest assured that your link placement will be carefully thought through and adequately reviewed for quality assurance.

What Is Digital PR Link Building?

A digital PR strategy relies on digital channels, such as blogs, podcasts, social media platforms, or online publications to promote and manage your brand’s status.

Digital PR agencies typically use a combined approach of video and written content, digital press releases, cutting-edge news articles, infographics, and other charts, and entertaining think pieces to reach broad digital audiences. 

Digital PR link-building draws on this combined approach to provide high-quality PR backlinks for brands. So, what exactly is a PR backlink? 

A PR backlink refers to any link placed on a media news outlet’s website. PR backlinks validate a brand’s content by associating it with a reputable and trustworthy news source. 

pr link building vector

For this reason, PR backlinks are a key component of any digital PR strategy and an essential part of B2B SEO services. By appearing on reputable pages that enjoy a wide reader base, your brand can see a boost in organic site traffic and lead to high authority backlinks.

For example, if your organization shows up as a cited source in an article on a reputable news page, Google will take note.

Your brand will then be treated as a trustworthy source of knowledge and authority in the field, and Google will raise your site’s domain authority (DA) in accordance with your advanced status.

How Does Digital PR Link Building Differ From Regular Link Building?

While regular link-building relies on the number of link placements to boost your brand’s SEO rankings, the success of a digital PR link-building campaign is determined by the links’ quality.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

One of the main goals of digital PR link building is to boost your brand’s reputation.

The value of your digital PR link building campaign will be reliant upon the quality of authority that exists within the sites that display links to your organization.

In other words, a digital PR link building campaign will boost your organization’s SEO rankings when your website is back linked on more authoritative sites.

Avoid Link Farms

Some websites exist only for the purpose of selling link placement opportunities and providing mutual link exchange deals.

While these kinds of websites may help to boost the quantity of your organization’s link placements overall, they will not help to bolster the knowledgeability and trustworthiness of your brand.

Working with a digital PR company will allow you to access a broad network of professional relationships across the digital media landscape.

Digital PR companies can provide your brand with high-quality link placements on laudable news outlets, drawing upon strong networks that include journalists and global content creators.

Digital vs. Traditional PR Strategies

 Additionally, digital PR link building differs from regular PR strategies.

Both digital and “traditional” public relations campaigns aim to promote your brand, enhance your organization’s reputation, expand brand awareness, and establish strong relationships between your brand and notable media outlets.

However, there are clear distinctions between the traditional and digital methods of PR promotion. 

Traditional PR promotion strategies aim to reach a wide-ranging general audience that includes investors and consumers alike.

To achieve this goal, PR agencies will promote your brand via traditional media outlets, such as print ads in newspapers or magazines, TV ads, or radio ads. These broad promotional efforts can be tricky to measure with concrete statistics.

Infographic for backlinked websites

You may not always be able to track how many newspaper readers have witnessed your brand’s print ad, for example. The statistics are more variable, with more chances to ignore your content. 

In contrast, the digital approach to public relations targets specific audiences to help your brand reach a particular niche group of people.

Digital PR agencies will promote your brand and focus on boosting your brand’s reputation through digital media outlets, such as reputable bloggers, online news platforms, and other online content hubs. 

Since digital interaction can easily be tracked and traced, you can measure audience engagement and adjust your digital content strategies according to what works and what does not.

Honing your organization’s digital output in this way is a powerful method for connecting with your brand’s intended audience.

Important Metrics for Digital PR Success

With Blue Tree’s digital PR consulting, we focus on how to provide your site with actual concrete results. We have over eight years of experience in offering SEO consulting services, so we know how to tell when a digital PR backlink is going to make an impact on your site. 

There are five key metrics we look out for when we assess the success of a digital PR marketing campaign: 

Strong Website Content

Our expert in-house team carefully vets and reviews every single website we reach out to before we make the connection.

If a website publishes high-authority, engaging, fresh new content, we start a conversation. If the site posts copycat content or low-quality articles, we will skip it.

High DA and DR Rankings

We look for websites that meet our minimum requirements for domain authority and domain rating rankings. We vet for sets that rank Ahrefs DR 65+.

Our outreach is limited to sites that meet the requirements we have agreed upon in advance, so you will never see your backlinks on a low-quality site. 

High Organic Traffic Ratings

A website that boasts high numbers of organic visitors each month is typically a high-ranking site according to Google analyses and SEO parameters.

We look for websites that meet a high minimum 5000 monthly visitor count to ensure that they will provide the right boost in traffic for our clients. 

Legitimate Natural Links

We are always on the lookout for link farms and other scammy websites. If a website offers articles stuffed with outbound links, the alarm bells ring and we investigate whether this site is legitimate.

We take care to place our clients’ backlinks in articles where they will appear as natural and informative, not strictly promotional or SEO-focused. 

Target Audience Relevance

We want our clients’ links to appear in articles where they receive the most benefits. We take time to match our specific client’s appeal with the niche interests of reader audiences.

We’ll choose publications that send high-impact organic traffic directly to the brands we work with, placing links relevant to their target audiences.

What Are the Benefits of Digital PR Link Building?

Buying link placements on articles within high-authority and widely read digital media platforms can be a huge boon for your company’s reputation.

A strong digital PR link building campaign can drive traffic towards your site, help your brand to rise in the rankings, and boost your reputation and reach. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of a strong digital PR link building campaign.

Your Brand Becomes an Authority

When readers of an article on a legitimate, high-authority news platform see your brand listed as a credible authority on a relevant subject, they will understand that your organization has the knowledge and trustworthiness to share accurate info about a specific subject. 

Reading about your brand in the context of a trusted news report or other article means that the reader associates your brand with the same high levels of credibility that they already witnessed in the original source.

For example, if your brand is featured as a linked source in an article on The Economist, it will be widely recognized as a trusted source of authority. 

Potential customers and clients will see that your brand is legitimate, and the inclusion in a high-authority website will verify this.

Digital PR Expands Brand Awareness

Just as readers on top websites will recognize your brand’s credibility, thus boosting your brand’s reputation, so too will digital PR links help to expand brand awareness.

New potential customers and clients will encounter your link when they read relevant articles on high-quality websites. 

Digital PR links expand the reach of your digital presence, increasing brand awareness among relevant new audiences. With each high-quality promotional link placement, your brand will benefit from higher online visibility across the board. 

Your Brand’s Google Rankings Will Improve

Across the endless expanse of the internet, Google constantly analyzes and monitors the reputability and authority of individual websites.

The websites that Google considers to be more legitimate are placed higher in the results of online searches on digital search engines.

The higher up in the rankings your brand’s website is listed, the more site visitors you will receive. 

When your site is linked to several high-authority websites, Google will respect that your site has been proven to be a valid and legitimate source of information, which will lead to higher rankings in search engine queries.

So if your digital PR backlink campaign lands your brand links across high-authority websites, it can directly lead to first-page search result listings. 

Your Site Will Get More Organic Traffic

When Google promotes your site as a legitimate source that appears high in the online search rankings, your site will receive a notable boost in organic traffic.

Potential customers who read the articles where your site is linked as a source will be more likely to follow up on your brand out of natural curiosity- so your website becomes a natural extension of your target audience’s readerly interests. 

The improved online search engine reputation combined with the relevancy of the articles where your backlinks can be found will lead to an organic rise in the number of site visitors your website receives.

Since these visitors already have a proven interest in subjects relevant to your brand, they will be more likely to become actual customers or clients. 

Site Visits Become Conversions and Sales

When potential customers trust and believe in the brand they are interacting with, they will be significantly more likely to buy that brand’s products and services.

Today’s consumers not only want the reassurance and quality guarantee of shopping with a legitimate company; they also prefer to support organizations whose values are aligned with their own. 

Proving, through a carefully crafted digital PR link building campaign, that your brand is valid, trustworthy, and knowledgeable will steer new audiences toward your site.

By a natural extension, you will create the right atmosphere for greater conversions and sales, drawing upon the strong reputations of the media outlets who link to your site.

More Diverse, Natural Backlinks

When Google and other search engine optimization tools scan your website’s metrics, they will look for sites that have diverse, natural-sounding backlinks spread across high-quality pages. 

Digital PR link building guarantees that your site will be linked across a wide range of high-authority web pages, but each page will provide a relevant context for your site.

In other words, there will be no random, out-of-left-field link placements that might de-legitimize your site’s presence in the article.

Each backlink is carefully selected based on a cultivated relationship with a relevant, high-quality website, lending your site itself a stronger authority. 

Higher DA and DR Rankings

Perhaps the most significant benefit to adopting a digital link building PR strategy is that your domain authority, or DA, and domain rating, or DR, scores are likely to increase based on the quality of your digital PR backlinks. 

Your site’s domain rating grades the authority of your site on a score out of 100 based on the quality of your website’s backlinks.

Similarly, your site’s DA grants your site a score out of 100 that will reveal the likelihood that your website will show up high on the relevant search engine result pages, or SERPs. 

The higher your website’s DA or DR score will be, the better you will place in the search engine rankings (SERPs), which will lead to a boost in organic traffic and higher conversions and sales. 

How We Do It: Our 5-Step Digital PR Link Building Strategy

When you work with Blue Tree, we’ll follow the following five-step process:

1. Consultation 

The first step in our digital PR link-building service journey is to book a discovery call so we can determine if we’ll be a good fit. We’ll go over the target pages you’re looking to build links to on your site and your overall goals for the campaign.

We have to be selective about who we take on as clients, as we want to make sure that we can provide the best quality of attention and lasting results for each client. 

2. Outreach

Once we start a campaign, we tap into our powerful network of 350+ sites, using our years of media expertise and professionalism.

Our content creation team will get to work creating new topically relevant articles for the most pertinent publications with your backlink naturally included.

Our outreach is a key step toward propelling your brand to new heights in the digital media landscape.

3. Transformation

Once the sites within our network have received the content we’ve provided with your link placements included, we keep working with the site editors to revise and adjust the content as needed until publication.

You’ll start seeing your links go live three to four weeks after the start of a campaign.

4. Track SEO Benefits

The backlinks we get published are do-follow links. Your brand becomes more authoritative by association, and the article where your brand is linked also gets an SEO boost, so it’s a win-win situation.

At this stage in the process, we will track the SEO and ranking benefits, making sure that your backlinks are doing the work we want them to.

We will monitor specific metrics, such as DA rankings, DR rankings, SERPs results, and organic site traffic, to ensure that the campaign is successful.

5. Follow-Up

We’ll make sure that all the links we have placed stay active and valid for at least six months from the initial placement.

If any link is removed, or if the site manager switches your link to a No-Follow backlink within that six-month period, we will replace the link or otherwise ensure that the link goes live again on the site.

We remain available for consultations and collaboration after your campaign has launched, providing biweekly updates on all planned and submitted link placements.

You can rest assured that you are in the loop on all ongoing developments with your digital PR campaign.

Our Results

We guarantee editorially-received link placements in highly respected business and tech publications online that serve as lasting assets for your brand’s reputation.

Each of these carefully curated link placements will become more valuable over time. 

Our top-tier clientele has included businesses such as FreshBooks, CreditDonkey, Dooly, and GetWeave.

bluetree clients

With our month-to-month digital PR contracts provide premium service at affordable rates and allow clients to back out at any time. 

The results show that our process works: our clients have seen as much as a 361% increase in site traffic over 36 months.

Every backlink we place is a natural-sounding, editorially-received, topically relevant, do-follow link on a legitimate website.

We hold to high standards by vetting each website we reach out to be certain that it meets the high minimum requirements for our clients. 

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