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How Blue Tree Doubled Credit Donkey’s Monthly Traffic in 1 Year


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Effective money management is essential in daily life, yet it is a source of anxiety for many. A survey highlighted that 77% of Americans feel stressed about their finances, often feeling controlled by their financial obligations, struggling with debt, saving for retirement, and coping with rising living costs. 

Personal finance websites like CreditDonkey aim to alleviate these concerns by providing resources and advice to help people achieve financial freedom and make informed decisions. CreditDonkey distinguishes itself with statistics, guides on investing and money management, and thorough reviews of financial services. 

Credit Donkey’s journey to Blue Tree Digital was driven by three critical issues that threatened to undermine its market position – the expansion of organic competitors, securing consistent, high-quality mentions across the digital landscape, and targeting the right keywords.

Recognizing the complexity of these challenges, Credit Donkey turned to Blue Tree Digital, whose reputation for delivering digital PR solutions made them the ideal partner for this mission. Our team embarked on a comprehensive diagnostic process to understand the nuances of Credit Donkey’s market position, audience behavior, and competitive landscape. 

Armed with this knowledge, we devised a detailed plan that promised to address Credit Donkey’s concerns head-on, leveraging our expertise in SEO, content marketing, and digital PR to renew their online presence.

Our Approach

To execute the campaign effectively and secure mentions to the CreditDonkey review pages and guides, we followed our standard simple procedure for generating measurable results:

Step 1: Devising a Personalized Strategy

We compiled a list of relevant finance and fintech publications to reach out to, including sites we were already working with – all of our sites have an average DR rating of 70 and a minimum of 20K monthly visitors. 

Step 2: Pitching 

We reached out to each site with a cold pitch offering to write an article for them. The site editors agreed that we could pitch them topics or assist with topic ideation, and our pitching team brainstormed and suggested 2-3 topic ideas per site.  

This proactive engagement not only opened the door for potential collaborations but also demonstrated our team’s commitment to providing tailored content that aligns with each site’s editorial needs.

Step 3: Content Creation

After getting a topic formally approved, our team of professional writers got to work writing and submitting the pieces to each site. 

Our writers and editors ensured that there was a natural placement to the respective CreditDonkey page by:

  • ensuring that personal finance would be relevant to the topic at hand, and 
  • ensuring context surrounding the placement.

Step 4: Continuously Analyzing the Process

Building on the aforementioned approach, we extended our efforts to reach out to over a thousand publications within the realms of personal finance and fintech. 

To achieve this, we experimented with ten distinct campaigns, each centered around a unique cold pitch. 

Ultimately, we refined our approach by selecting the pitches that demonstrated the highest efficacy when it comes to the reply rates from site editors.


Creditdonkey digital PR link building success with Blue Tree

Analyzing the landscape of organic competitors, securing high-quality backlinks, and targeting the right keywords led to noteworthy results that speak for themselves. 

The traffic increased from 210,461 visitors in September 2021 to 477,356 visitors in December 2022, showing an increase in traffic of 227%.

With a comprehensive digital PR strategy, our team at Blue Tree tackled all three of the challenges presented and ensured lasting SEO results. 

During this period, the number of referring domains also increased from 18,576 to 29,590 referring domains, showcasing an increase of 159%.

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

CreditDonkey understood that for their investment to pay off, they needed to invest in link assets rather than liabilities. That’s why they asked us to execute the campaign for their pages and didn’t regret it. A traffic increase of 227% in 14 months proves Blue Tree’s ability to elevate your business, even in a competitive sector such as finance.

Our team comprises 15+ B2B writers and 11 editors who write for over 450 editorial connections regularly. Each backlink we acquire is obtained through editorial partnerships – our responsibility is to guarantee completely organic placement by ensuring that the article’s topic aligns seamlessly with the link we insert.

We also ensure that both the link and the surrounding text are entirely contextual to the subject matter. Google recognizes these editorially-received backlinks to new articles on high-ranking websites positively. To make this possible, each link we secure meets the following criteria:

  • Do-Follow
  • DR70+
  • Monthly traffic of a minimum of 20K organic visitors
  • Topically relevant 

Our services start at $1000 for each carefully curated link, with flexible options to accommodate diverse needs and discounted rates for bulk orders of 5-10 links monthly.

Invest in your SEO success long-term – get in touch with Blue Tree today to design a customized link-building strategy tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

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