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How Hostinger’s Strategic Collaboration with Blue Tree Digital Lead to a 200K Traffic Growth


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In the past few years, Hostinger, a leading web hosting company, has established a significant global presence. The rapid success of the brand is in large part due to its great product and price point, but also a laser-focused digital marketing strategy out of the gate.

As part of their efforts to improve the digital presence of, the Hostinger marketing team felt there was significant untapped potential and room for improvement in online visibility. 

As competition in the web hosting industry is among the fiercest on the web, Hostinger faced two key challenges: increasing website traffic and acquiring high-quality backlinks that stood out from its competition.

Hostinger and Blue Tree Digital’s collaboration began with a shared commitment to overcoming obstacles and achieving online success which required a tailored approach to boost web traffic and establish a more authoritative online presence through strategic backlink acquisition.

The collaboration also focused on driving traffic by expanding reach through targeted keyword strategies. This case study explores how Blue Tree Digital helped Hostinger, a relatively new hosting company, climb the ranks to become a household web host name in just a few years.

Our Approach

We approach each campaign as an ongoing process with a long-term goal. This includes following our standardized 4-step approach which helps us get measurable results every time.

Step 1: Targeted Site List

Starting the link-building campaign, Blue Tree Digital aimed to identify and select suitable websites in the domains of tech, cybersecurity, and specifically web development and hosting. Our goal was to get both authority and alignment with the Hostinger brand. 

Of course, each of the 700+ selected websites needed to have:

  • An average DR70+
  • Monthly organic traffic exceeding 20K visitors
  • Relevance to the content niche

Our research team assessed potential collaborators, ensuring their credibility and capability to enhance our client’s visibility in the web hosting industry.

Step 2: Thorough Pitch Plan and Outreach Strategy

We constructed a comprehensive pitch plan, encompassing a wide range of topics specific to Hostinger’s industry, ensuring relevance and resonance.

Over the course of three months, we executed a carefully planned pitch campaign, gradually building interest and engagement.

Step 3: Meaningful Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of quality content in SEO, our focus was on creating high-quality content showcasing Hostinger’s web hosting services while organically integrating targeted keywords. 

Each article was well-researched and written to fit the brand’s voice, objectives, and the specific website where the article was featured. Several on our team of 12 B2B writers wrote the articles with the end goal of natural, contextual link placement.

Step 4: Finding Areas for Improvement

Beyond securing placements, Blue Tree Digital implemented a system for monitoring and improvement of Hostinger’s digital presence. This involved regular audits, performance assessments, and a commitment to staying abreast of industry trends. 

Our team tested 7 different campaigns during the 12 months of our collaboration, allowing us to refine and optimize our strategy, maximizing the impact of our digital PR campaign and its overall outcome.


Hostinger Digital PR Link Building SEO Campaign Success with Blue Tree Digital

The success of our collaboration with Hostinger can be seen from the increase in key metrics within just one year of cooperation:

  • Traffic Increase: The organic traffic growth from 364,061 to 550,585 in just one year shows how effective our targeted approach is, ensuring Hostinger’s content resonates with their audience.
  • Referring Domains Growth: The growth in referring domains from 8,449 to 40,981 highlights the success of our backlink strategies.

The increase in organic traffic showcases the tangible impact of our targeted approach, while the growth in referring domains emphasizes the acquisition of high-quality and authoritative links, contributing to Hostinger’s boosted online presence. 

These metrics are crucial indicators of our collaborative efforts driving measurable growth for Hostinger amongst competitors in the web hosting industry.

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

Our success with Hostinger, where we increased their traffic by almost 200,000 visitors in one year shows how we can elevate businesses even in highly competitive sectors. This story and our other case studies underscore the potential for strategic digital initiatives to reshape your brand’s online presence, driving substantial and measurable growth.

Blue Tree’s digital PR success is all thanks to:

✅ An Extensive Editorial Network: We have over 500 editorial connections, allowing us to secure organic and high-quality backlink placements for your brand.

✅ Strict Quality Standards: At Blue Tree Digital, we adhere to strict quality standards. We refrain from the purchase or overuse of links, ensuring that your backlinks are not only measured by quantity but are also genuinely impactful.

✅ Strategic Link Features:

  • “Do-Follow” Links: Maximize your SEO benefits with our “Do-Follow” backlinks.
  • Strategic Placement: Each link is strategically placed for optimal visibility and impact.
  • Audience Reach: Every chosen site attracts a minimum of 20,000 visitors monthly, ensuring your brand reaches a broad audience.
  • Contextual Integration: Our links are seamlessly integrated into the content, ensuring a natural fit within the context of each site.
  • High Domain Rating (DR70+): Each chosen site boasts an average Domain Rating (DR) of 70+, guaranteeing the highest authority standards.

Starting at $1000 per link, our services offer scalability to meet various needs. Enjoy discounted rates for bulk orders of 5-10 links monthly, providing cost-effective options for comprehensive link-building strategies.

Elevate your digital presence like Hostinger – contact Blue Tree Digital today to develop a tailored link-building strategy that will drive your traffic upward. 

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