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How Gained More than 20,000 Monthly Visitors with Blue Tree Digital


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Despite offering comprehensive home and car insurance solutions to a diverse clientele, found themselves facing challenges that hindered their digital growth. In their quest for online supremacy, they turned to digital PR to navigate the complexities and propel their brand to new heights.’s organic search rankings were under siege, with numerous competitors infringing upon their territory. This not only hampered their online visibility but also threatened their status as a go-to insurance provider. 

To tap into new markets and attract a broader audience, they identified a set of competitive keywords that could potentially unlock untapped opportunities. However, the challenge lay in acquiring the necessary links to catapult these keywords to prominence. turned to Blue Tree Digital, seeking a partner with the expertise to not only identify and target these keywords but also to build a robust network of high-quality links that would amplify their online reach and authority.

So, here are some innovative strategies employed by Blue Tree Digital to tackle these challenges head-on, ultimately propelling to an increase in traffic and higher-ranking keywords.

Our Approach

Focusing on’s growth challenges and their target pages, Bluetree developed a winning game plan:

Step 1: Identifying Target Websites

In the initial phase of our collaboration, BlueTree Digital started identifying target websites that align with the client’s objectives. We focused on high-authority sites, ie ones that have authority and trust in the home and car insurance, technology, and business verticals.

Our experts handpicked a curated list of websites, taking into account factors such as domain authority, audience engagement, and thematic relevance. This strategic selection laid the foundation for a robust digital PR campaign that would effectively amplify’s online presence.

Step 2: Outreach and Pitching

With a carefully crafted list of target websites, Blue Tree Digital started a personalized outreach campaign. Our dedicated team engaged with our team of 11 in-house editors and decision-makers of these platforms, establishing meaningful connections that went beyond mere transactional interactions.

BlueTree’s outreach specialists developed compelling content ideas that seamlessly integrated’s home and car insurance solutions into the narratives of the target websites. The emphasis was on making the inclusion of’s offerings feel like a natural and value-added extension of the content already present on the selected websites. 

Step 3: Content Creation and Submission

Crafting top-tier, engaging articles that seamlessly blended’s home and car insurance offerings into the narrative of each platform was our priority. Each article underwent a meticulous editorial process, ensuring it met the high standards set by both Blue Tree and the collaborating websites. 

The result was a collection of captivating pieces that not only showcased’s expertise but also provided valuable insights to the readers of the respective platforms. Blue Tree Digital’s commitment to excellence was evident in every article, contributing to the establishment of as a thought leader in the home and car insurance space.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

The success of our initial outreach and content creation efforts paved the way for a scalable and repeatable strategy. BlueTree applied this proven formula to each target website, creating a diverse portfolio of articles that showcased’s offerings from various perspectives.

By continuously identifying new opportunities and adapting our approach based on the evolving digital landscape, Blue Tree ensured a sustained and impactful digital PR campaign for

Results Case study digital PR link building

Blue Tree’s digital PR magic worked wonders for

  • Traffic on the Rise: In just 12 months from March 22,’s website traffic went from 6,610 to a whopping 27,087 visitors per month.
  • Organic Keyword Superstars: A bunch of’s organic keywords climbed to the coveted number-one spot in search engine rankings.

BlueTree went the extra mile to secure outstanding backlinks from influential websites boasting impressive domain ratings, utilizing our exceptional links and a team of skilled B2B writers:

  • (DR90)
  • (DR82)
  • (DR78)

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

The experience with exemplifies the effectiveness of BlueTree’s approach in surmounting SEO hurdles. We place trust in the influence of digital PR, utilizing our vast network comprising more than 450 editorial relationships to attain organic and premium backlink placements. 

It’s crucial to highlight our commitment to stringent quality criteria, as we actively avoid the acquisition or excessive use of links.

  • We ensure all backlinks are “Do-Follow” to maximize SEO benefits.
  • Strategic placement.
  • An average of DR70+
  • Each chosen site attracts a minimum of 20k visitors monthly.
  • All links are contextual, ensuring a natural fit within the content.

Our services start at $1000 for each thoroughly vetted link, with scalable options to suit various needs and discounted rates for bulk orders of 5-10 links monthly.

The success we achieved for, particularly by increasing their traffic by 410%, is a testament to our capacity to elevate your business, even in the most competitive sectors.

Ensure the longevity of your SEO achievements – contact BlueTree today to formulate an effective link-building strategy designed to align perfectly with your business requirements.

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