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How Waveapps Gained More than 50,000 New Monthly Visitors with Blue Tree Digital


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Waveapps, a pioneer in accounting software, empowers businesses to manage their finances efficiently through an intuitive platform that simplifies financial management. Waveapps sought the expertise of a digital PR firm to address two key issues: organic competitors and targeting new competitive keywords.

Waveapps faced a significant challenge in the form of numerous websites that threatened its search engine rankings. Despite offering innovative software solutions, the company struggled to maintain its visibility in the crowded online landscape. 

Waveapps also identified the need to target new competitive keywords to expand its reach and relevance. However, the company faced a daunting task in acquiring authoritative links for each of these keywords, hindering its ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the market. 

With these challenges at the forefront, Waveapps entrusted Blue Tree Digital with the task of devising a tailored digital PR strategy to increase its online visibility and keyword-targeting efforts. 

Our collaboration with Waveapps exemplifies the power of strategic digital PR in overcoming complex obstacles and driving tangible results in the competitive digital landscape.

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Our Approach

Blue Tree applied its proven digital PR campaign to assist Waveapps in establishing greater online visibility and authority within the accounting software sector.

Step 1: Identifying Target Websites

The initial phase of the process involved a meticulous selection of target websites that held both high authority and relevance. 

  • Domain Rating (DR) Criteria: Websites with a DR of 70 or higher were prioritized to ensure a robust and influential online presence.
  • Search Traffic Requirement: A minimum of 20,000 monthly search traffic was deemed essential, ensuring a substantial and engaged audience.
  • Niche Focus: The chosen websites were strategically aligned with finance, payments, technology, and small business topics, ensuring relevance to Waveapps’ target audience.

Step 2: Outreach and Pitching

The next step involved proactive outreach by the Blue Tree team to the editors of the identified websites. 

  • Cold Pitching: Outreach was initiated with a concise yet compelling pitch to editors, emphasizing the value of featuring Waveapps.
  • Topic Ideation: The pitching team strategically generated 2-3 topic ideas per site, ensuring diversity and relevance in content creation.
  • Link Inclusion: The pitch underscored the natural integration of Waveapps within the proposed article, fostering a symbiotic relationship between content and link placement.

Step 3: Content Creation and Submission

Once topics were approved, the team of writers at Blue Tree started crafting high-quality articles. 

These articles seamlessly incorporated Waveapps into the content, ensuring that each link placement was not only relevant but also contributed to a fluid reading experience for the target audience.

Step 4: Continuous Improvement

The final step involved the replication of the entire process for each identified target website.

This systematic approach resulted in the creation of an extensive and diverse portfolio of articles, effectively showcasing Waveapps and its accounting software solution across a spectrum of authoritative online platforms.


Waveapps digital PR link building strategy with Blue Tree Digital

A significant part of the campaign’s success came down to securing top-tier backlinks from reputable websites:

  • Vimeo (DR96)
  • Namecheap (DR92)
  • learn.g2 (DR90)
  • (DR89)

Furthermore, our digital PR campaign ensured an increase in traffic during the months of our cooperation:

January 2020 – 493,258 – July 2020 – 547,693

To achieve this, our primary focus was on the following:

  • The writers included relevant context surrounding the link placement to ensure a natural fit within the content.
  • The team used specific facts or quotes from Waveapps as anchor texts, making them flow seamlessly into the content.

The digital PR campaign executed by Blue Tree Digital for Waveapps not only increased their online visibility and traffic but also strengthened their authority in the accounting software space.

By securing high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, Waveapps has boosted its search engine rankings and gained credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

How We Can Help You Get Similar Results

Our cooperation with Waveapps exemplifies the effectiveness of Blue Tree Digital’s strategy in overcoming SEO challenges and operating within hyper-competitive niches.

We have confidence in the effectiveness of digital PR, when done right, utilizing our extensive network of over 450 editorial connections to secure genuine and high-quality backlink placements. As we adhere to rigorous quality standards, we abstain from the purchase or excessive use of links.

All of our backlinks are “Do-Follow” to maximize SEO benefits, strategically placed on sites attracting a minimum of 20,000 organic monthly visitors. Each link is contextually integrated, ensuring a seamless fit within the content. 

Our services start at $1000 for each meticulously vetted link, with flexible options to accommodate diverse needs and discounted rates for bulk orders of 5-10 links monthly.

The success we achieved for Waveapps, specifically the remarkable increase in their traffic by more than 50,000 new, unique monthly visitors, demonstrates our ability to elevate your business as well, even in fiercely competitive sectors.

Safeguard and improve your SEO accomplishments – reach out to Blue Tree Digital today to develop a successful link-building strategy customized for your business.

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